HSF spiral conveyor

Hydromatic  HSF spiral conveyors are suitable for transporting the widest range of materials and can be used in many possible fields:

  • Sludge from municipal and industrial sources, especially sludge which has tendency to be adhesive;
  • Siftings and screenings from sewage treatment plants;
  • Waste from canteens, slaughter houses, etc.;
  • Ash and cinder;
  • Conveyed material with various particle sizes (household rubbish, industrial waste materials, etc.);
  • Raw material for the food industry;
  • Recyclings from the timber and paper industries.


The base unit consists of a robust, shaftless steel spiral, made of special or stainless steel, which is carried in a U-channel or a pipe and slowly rotated.

Your advantages

  • Hygienic protection ensured by enclosed system
  • Conveyor lengths up to approx. 20 m can be realised without an intermediate bearing
  • Multiple insertion spots are possible lenghtwise the hauling distance
  • Dewaters and increases the dry mass content of the transported material in a simple way
  • Attractive and competitive alternitive to screw presses (KSP or KWP)
  • An extra simple and easy to maintain solution for haulage
  • Counter pressure adjustable via spring-weighed pressure valve
  • Flexible modular design
  • Additional functions integrated in the transport path (e.g. washing/heating)
  • Maintenance-friendly due to reduced-wear design with demountable wear protection
  • Use of high-quality and robust materials

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