WinklePress WP Green

Since its launch at IFAT in1972, the WinklePress has consistently led the mechanical sludge dewatering market because it offers the lowest operational costs and best results in the field. In its latest version, WinklePress Green, we have optimized it to be perfectly adapted to today’s needs and to changes in sludge composition.

Higher dry solids content can now be achieved thanks to the optimized roller configuration. The single roller gradations have been completely revised and the pressing time within the machine considerably extended. This is particularly advantageous when dealing with sludges with low press stability and a high organic content. Minimum operating costs (flocculant, energy, water) and highest efficiency-class motors guarantee the lowest possible energy consumption figures. Cleaning and handling operations are now even easier thanks to the introduction of a larger inspection opening.


Easy on the wallet…


The WinklePress Green has been developed to allow sustainable savings of resources, which result is appreciable cost reductions.


The unique process Technology with up to 6 dewatering stages


To achieve best operational results using a belt filter press (highest final dry solids contents, lower polymer consumption) a slowly increasing, smooth build-up of pressure on the sludge is needed. The new, further developed WinklePress concept, with its
6 dewatering stages, is specially designed to achieve it. This is particularly advantageous for sludges with low press stability and a high organic content, however also ensures better dewatering results for all other sludges. Thanks to the further optimized roller configuration higher final dry solids contents can be obtained. The single roller gradations were completely revised and the pressing time within the machine was increased considerably.

WP Green_Stufen_EN



Do you need optimum flexibility, high hydraulic load and stable performance in unpredictable conditions? And ideally all in one working cycle?In the Bellmer Cascade you will find thickening and dewatering in one process step. No further addition of flocculant is necessary between thickening and dewatering.


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