TurboDrain Green

Being the market leader in the [1] eld of belt [1] lter technology, we again set standards with the TurboDrain Green.
This is the first belt thickener which has consequently been developed with the goal of saving natural resources.

We pioneered a number of new developments. Due to the low optimized construction, less polymer is used.

The extremely low energy costs of the well known TurboDrain could be reduced even further. Thanks to the nanotechnology belts, filtration can be improved. Great importance was attached to optimized accessibility, thus reducing maintenance costs.
Of course, we have taken great care in choosing the materials to ensure a long lifetime.

TD Green_2_eng

Environmentally friendly …

In developing the TurboDrain Green we managed to perform a miracle regarding environmental protection.
The sustainable handling of natural resources concerns everybody.

With the TurboDrain you will need less water, less energy and last but not least less polymers!

Thanks to the reduction of spray water pressure by 2 bars, your water consumption will be decreased by 30 %.


10 % less energy
thanks to energy-saving Motor with premium energy ef

class IE 3 and to smaller spray water pump

20 % less polymer
thanks to the innovative nanotech
belt and the [1] ow optimized inlet

30 % less water
by means of the special shower tube


Easy on the wallet …
The TurboDrain Green has been developed to allow sustainable savings of resources. Thus costs are reduced, too.
Costs adding up annually are quite impressive. Taking into account the normal lifetime of a thickener,
new investments can be carried out a lot faster.

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