About us

Since 1995, the Hydromatic Petker e.K. busy Family run business with a wide field of activity plant ‘s degree in engineering.
Russia represents our main market. The reason for this is easily found: The roots of the Board lead back to an area of Russia and the Russian-speaking workforce is about 80%. This fact eliminates language differences, as well as major cultural differences and allows a safe and relaxed appearance to customers.
The special requirements, our target region of Russia, we are well grown, as we have the necessary permits and we are very familiar with the legal framework and fulfill them. Furthermore, we have all the necessary certificates for the planning, production and assembly in Russia, which allows us to work efficiently in every respect.
Thanks to our strong local positioning we are able to handle all aspects of a complex system succesfully. This includes:

  • Planning
  • Official permit
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipment
  • Montage
  • Service ( Maintenance)

Our close cooperation with customers is a key competitive advantage.
Due to our numerous engineering and planning offices, assembly plants and the successful collaboration with institutions such as NII Santechniki and German partner companies, the company Hydromatic moves in many different areas of application. For example:

  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Food industry
  • Oil industry
  • Steel industry

In order to make its own research and develop technologically we entertain ourselves since early last year, a laboratory for water analysis. The basis of our project work is direct, personal contact with the customer, which allows us the optimal solution.

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